About Cole A. Baum

Cole A. Baum was spent the first two decades of her life in the same house in Denver, Colorado. Since then she has lived in 16 different homes ranging from an 18th century farmhouse to a Siberian flat. After moving to her fifth country, she decided to make use of her english lit degree from the University of Virginia and begin writing.

Cole writes travel pieces, essays, short stories, flash fiction, and has an agented MG novel in the pipeline. To review her work, take a peek at her portfolio.


My Latest Work


Christmas: the very word evokes warm, familiar memories. The smell of Grandma’s cinnamon cookies, the handmade ornaments that deck the tree—much of the holiday’s joy springs from well-worn traditions and past celebrations. But how do you embrace the season when nothing is familiar?

From frozen Siberia to sunny Costa Rica, a glistening ice hotel to an endless red-eye flight, this issue explores the heartaches and delights of an abnormal Christmas season. Join our protagonists as they seek comfort on a lonely Christmas morning or use what’s at hand to celebrate in a new way. 


A Cup of Culture and a Pinch of Crisis is a collection of essays from expats around the world who share their insights about food, personal growth, and the adventure of living abroad. Delve into new countries, traditions, and cuisines, from Mexico to Mongolia, as you learn how expats find the ingredients for their next meal, learn to love strange new dishes (like camel meat!), and bond with the people they meet over meals both exotic and humble. This book will make you hungry to travel abroad, or at least to settle for a taste of a different culture by trying one of the many included recipes. 

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